BioVaxys Technology Corporation Observes a 200% Stock Appreciation

BioVaxys Technology Corp. (CSE: BIOV) (FRA: 5LB) (OTC: LMNGF), based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, has recently emerged as the world leader in haptenized protein vaccines for oncology and anti-viral applications. This unique technology platform is based on the established immunological concept that conjugating tumor or viral antigens with simple chemicals called haptens essentially makes them more visible to the immune system, thereby stimulating a robust immune response. A notable feature is that the vaccines stimulate immune system memory ‘helper’ T-cells as well as killer T-cells in addition to an antibody response, unlike traditional vaccines which typically induce an antibody response.

With the well-established science behind haptenizing tumor antigens and previous clinical data in ovarian cancer and melanoma from testing an earlier ‘first-generation’ haptenized tumor vaccine, BioVaxys intends to extend the life expectancy for stage 3 and stage 4 ovarian cancer patients for whom chemotherapy has failed, through their vaccines. The company plans to expand it’s vaccine platform into other tumor-types with unmet needs such as cervical cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and other cancers. Using a similar strategy to haptenize viral antigens has led to the development of a BioVaxys vaccine for Covid-19, with the Company working to submit an IND for its haptenized SARS-CoV-s s-protein vaccine.

As the haptenized viral antigen platform shares the same flexibility as its cancer vaccine platform twin, BioVaxys is also engaged in expanding its virus-fighting pipeline pipeline beyond SARS-CoV-2 towards the development of vaccines for HPV and VZV, as well as respiratory viruses that include SARS1, MERS and influenza.

Biovaxys is currently focused towards the research and development of vaccines for

Viruses: COVID-19, HPV, VZV

2. Gynecological cancers: including cervical and ovarian cancer

Since October 2020, the company has also directed it’s efforts to establish a low cost and easy-to-administer COVID-19 diagnostic test, COVID-Ttm, which is the first diagnostic of its kind to detect T-cell activation, and will significantly help in identifying and controlling the spread of SARS-CoV-2 among the general population and evaluating vaccine effectiveness.

The company’s haptenized cancer vaccine platform benefits from over US$100M in previous R&D support such as from Avax Technologies, which originally had been developing the “first generation” vaccine. On 9th February 2021, BioVaxys Technology Corporation entered into a broad joint development, commercialization and marketing collaboration with Spanish pharma company Procare Health Iberia S.A.S. for BioVaxys’ vaccines for ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and human papillomavirus (HPV), and the right of first refusal for marketing by BioVaxys in the United States of Procare Health’s vaginal gel product, Papilocare™, the world’s first and only product to prevent and treat HPV-dependent cervical lesions. The collaboration includes a US$900,000 in-kind investment by Procare Health for the clinical development in the EU of BioVaxys’ ovarian cancer vaccine. BioVaxys Technology Corporation has shown great promise as the company witnessed a 200% growth in stock prices on a YTD basis.

Their drive to prevent infections and increase life expectancies of patients suffering from ovarian cancer and other tumors has brought BioVaxys into light as a strong player in the vaccine industry.

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