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Here’s why food establishments need their workers to go for food safety training

It is estimated that in North America, which is inclusive of both USA and Canada, there are around 18 million people who are employed in the preparing, cooking and serving food and other beverages, according to official government sources. Many food establishments take a lot of provide in the safety measures that they use for handling and preparing food. That being said, to ensure the complete protection of the consumers, a food handlers certificate is required by law in many states of the USA, as well as Canada. A food handlers certificate means that the professionals have been trained in all the key practices of handling food!

What is the purpose of a food handlers certificate?

Illnesses related to food can prove to be quite severe and they can lead to hospitalization and even death, in the worst case scenarios. Food borne illnesses are very serious and even after the widespread knowledge relating to their severity, the sad fact is that such illnesses still are very common in today’s day and age. It is estimated that just in North America, more than 50 million people get sick due to food borne illnesses. Further, more than 150,000 of people are hospitalized relating to food borne illnesses and it is estimated that around 4,000 people die from such illnesses, each year, in North America, which is inclusive of the USA as well as Canada.

All of these worrying statistics make a very strong point for food establishments to have a food handlers certificate. If and when food establishments have a food handlers certificate, they will be able to drastically reduce their numbers of food borne illnesses. Professionals who serve, store and prepare food are required to have a food handlers certificate. To obtain a food handlers certificate, the professionals are expected to go through a food safety training course which covers areas like food safety, cleaning, sanitation, personal hygiene, cross-contamination as well as allergens. Further, by going for the food safety course, professionals learn about risk management issues as well as the best practices that they need to follow for food safety.

Who exactly requires the food handlers certificate?

A food handlers certificate is not really required in all states of the USA or Canada. You can check if your area needs or doesn’t need a food handlers certificate by checking up free resources on the Internet. The requirements to have a food handlers certificate can greatly vary with state and location. That being said, there are a lot of benefits that can be availed by having food handlers certifications as well as other certifications that are offered by the food industry.

How can you get a food handlers certificate?

In both the USA and Canada, there are authorities and institutions which provide a food handlers certificate. Both the institutions provide resources, programs and materials that are required to go for food safety training and to obtain a food handlers certificate at the end of the training. In the USA, the relevant authority is the ServSafe and in Canada, the relevant authority is the CISF or Canadian Institute for Food Safety.

The Bottom Line

In today’s day and age, it should be the single biggest priority of food establishments to have a food handlers certificate. With the help of this certification, the food establishments can ensure the well-being of their customers as well as of their clients. If and when a business has this certification, it can build to its reputation of providing safe and clean food products.

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