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4 Important Changes Made On Google Ads That You Must Be Aware Of In 2021

Google Ads is the most widely used PPC advertising platform by marketers irrespective of their business size and type. Anyone, be it a small-scale marketer or a large-scale business owner, give more priority to Google Ads compared to other PPC management channels. Hence, getting A to Z knowledge about the channel is quite important.

Advertisers have a tendency to browse Google to find the new trends that emerged for running an ad campaign every year. We guess, you also have noted down the latest Google Ads trends for 2021. But have you highlighted the changes made on the platform? That’s more important! Even the agencies offering PPC management services in Delhi, Kolkata, etc. go through the changes first before sharing their marketing strategies.

Trends and changes are two different things. Before planning for a PPC advertising strategy, it is essential to be aware of the changes. They are much more impactful for a business preparing to run an ad on the search engine. Just have a look below.

4 Major updates on Google Ads to take care of in 2021

  1. Google limits data availability: PPC advertising experts are specialized in driving traffic by dealing with the keywords, filtering the audience through demographics, and reaching out to the right prospects. This is how they usually create, optimize, and attain success from a PPC ad campaign. Well, this is only possible because of the data gathered from the resources.

Unfortunately, the availability of data is reduced and limited by Google so as to increase data privacy. According to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), accessing the keywords and gaining a pool of search query data is limited. In the Search Terms report, you will find a limited amount of search data. Only the search data for a significant number of users are displayed to the advertisers.

As per Google, it’s a way to respond to data privacy. In fact, Garter’s study states that 80% of marketers will reject personalization by 2025 due to data privacy concerns. 90% of companies are already under stress regarding how to protect user data. Hence, Google has taken the initiative to limit the search data in order to prevent data loss.      

  • Shopping ads are made free: Yippie! Shopping ads on Google are no longer chargeable. You can run these ads free of cost. This is another vital step taken by the search engine to improve the search engine result page experiences.

When you browse Google, probably you have seen a shopping tab on SERPs that displays different products relevant to the searches. Earlier, advertisers need to pay a certain amount to list their products on Google. But recently, Google has announced that it is absolutely free to promote products on Google.

Google thus offers great leverage to the marketers giving them an opportunity to market their business products at a cost-effective rate. It knows very well that shopping ads have a tendency to drive 76% of traffic, generating more than 85% of click-through rates. However, with this new update, advertisers can run a paid campaign with a free listing on Google. A great achievement for the ecommerce businesses!

  • Advanced custom audience tools for better targeting: While running a Google ad campaign, you no longer need to configure custom intent and custom affinity separately. Google has just combined the two under the custom audience tool available in Audience Manager. Whether you need to target an audience through YouTube, Discovery ads, or Display ads, you can simply choose the custom audience tool for all.

With this tool, you can automatically reach out to the right audience for all your Google ad campaigns. You can target the right people based on customer interests, purchase intention, and searches made on YouTube and It is a great way to visit or revisit the Google audience and capture the leads.     

  • Easy to capture leads from YouTube and Discover: YouTube and Discover are the two parts of Google Ads. When you are thinking about capturing leads and drawing traffic from Google, Google allows users to find the same from YouTube and Discover ads. This can be easily performed using extensions.

Instead of carrying the users directly to the landing page, you can display a lead capture form in the ad the moment the person shows interest. Just make the ad creative and ask Google to capture more leads, and accordingly configure the field that you want to include in your form.

Like always, Google Ads has updated itself with the new marketing trends for the businesses. A few prominent trends that marketers must follow include – the inclusion of video ads, Google Discover ads, Responsive Search Ads, smart bidding, Google Lens ad campaigns, etc. While you learning about the changes and updates, you should also gain knowledge on the trending Google Ads features to carry on the advertising process seamlessly.

Besides, you can definitely find a shelter in white label digital marketing experts who are well-trained in performing the PPC advertising job with perfection. The decision is yours.

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