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10 Mobile Game Development Trends For 2021

While the Covid-19 pandemic brought many activities to a standstill, mobile gaming was not one. Lockdowns and quarantines sent many trying to find new social interaction methods and new methods to pass the time- all from the homes’ confines. And for all, mobile gaming turned into a lifeline, keeping them entertained and connected with friends and loved ones.

The 5G effect

The 5G is your 5th generation mobile system, also called the latest worldwide wireless standard. The 5G network can get in touch with almost everyone and everything. But what’s best about it is it may deliver high multi-Gbps peak data rates and have ultra-low latency.

In reality, the 5G delivers a raw speed of up to 10Gbps, which will be ten times what even the 4G-LTE Advanced provides. Gamers can look forward to faster streaming and downloads and way smoother gameplay with little to no lag.

Augmented Truth Gambling Will Continue to Grow

An AR game typically involves a pre-created game setting onto an individual’s actual environment.

With AR, game visuals and audio content are integrated into the user’s environment in real time, creating an immersive adventure where the user’s environment is converted into a playing field.

An excellent example of an AR game would be the most popular game Pokémon Go. Do not forget that time when you came across a whole bunch of gamers crowded around a particular tree in the playground? Or perhaps you went to vacation around your neighbourhood to capture all of the Pokémon’s around you. Pokémon Go is an AR game where Pokémon personalities have been superimposed on the surroundings that you catch.

Virtual-reality: Mobile VR Head Sets

In addition to AR, virtual reality (VR) is also gaining momentum from the gaming market. VR is just a simulated experience similar to or completely different from the real-world environment. Users put onto a VR headset and become fully immersed in this computer-generated environment.

Mobile Cloud Gaming: A Wave of the Future

Mobile cloud gambling can also be on the increase, as seen from the way its value of 2500 1.15 billion in 2020 is expected to reach 2500 2.70 billion by 2026. Cloud gambling is where matches have been processed on remote servers rather than apparatuses, allowing consumers to play streamed games over multiple apparatuses. All players desire for cloud gambling is a device having a 5G connection.

With cloud gaming, players are no longer jump to hardware. They will enter the actual game anywhere and everywhere, enabling greater cooperation, interaction, and competition within matches.

Cross-platform Play Is Gaining Popularity among Gamers

Bear in mind the days of console wars, even when Xbox and play station were always pitted against one another?

In those days, you had to select only one game console and might only purchase games released on that particular console (unless you had the means to purchase both). And when the most recent match all your pals were playing with was published on the different games, you’d no choice but to miss all of the fun.

Luckily, we’ve moved from the days of games wars, and game programmers are currently working on releasing material that may be streamed on all consoles. This is very good news, as gamers can play all games, no matter their games console!

Hyper-casual Mobile Games Are Becoming Their Particular Genre

Hyper-casual mobile games refer to mobile games which can be easy-to-play, free-to-play, and feature nominal user interfaces.

Together with their intuitive mechanics that remain consistent throughout the entire game, these matches are relatively easy to grab and, more importantly, extremely addictive. They indeed are the sort of games that require almost no attention and time, the kind that you play whenever you are waiting for that bus or whenever you only require a brief 5-minute break.


E-Sports, short for electronic sports, can be a kind of sports contest through game titles.

During the Covid-19 War, limitations watched many sports and physical E-Sports events getting cancelled. And yet, virtual E-Sports tournaments still grew in prominence as a result of Covid-19. Sports leagues across the globe appeared in the E-Sports industry for new methods of engaging fans.


Wearable’s, also called wearable technology, and are electronic devices that can be worn. They have detectors that detect, analyse and transmit information.

Typical examples include bright watches, wristbands, and rings. While wearable are often associated with fitness and health, they are also becoming ever better known in the gambling industry.

Collaborative game development

Skill-based game development is now an intensely collaborative process. Game programmers create open-ended jobs, where other programmers, including indie developers, can make collaborative alterations.

This is authorized through Software Development Kits, or SDKs, a pair of software tools and programs used by developers to create applications. SDKs support collaborative game development- developers have to share files through the SDK, which may help develop the game further. SDKs create collaborative game development easier and also have thorough explanations explaining how the code works. This permits more reliable skill-based game development.

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